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The first documentary ever to reveal how Michelin stars are assigned, we meet chefs around the world with one, two or three Michelin stars along with restaurateurs, renowned food critics, wine producers and foodies. The narrator is Kristian Brask Thomsen, who knows the restaurant business from the inside and also knows how the Michelin guide and other critics work. Kristian will, in English, lead the viewer from topic to topic and be able to elaborate and clarify on certain points.  The audience will see chefs at work, creating their signature dishes, and the work that goes into attaining a Michelin star and what it means when one is lost. This is the world of haute cuisine as never seen before.

Director: Rasmus Dinesen
Length: feature film + TV hour
Delivery Date: February 2017
Status: Fully funded, in production a Bond/360 production in partnership with DR Sales 


Tiny Tim

Once Tiny Tim was maybe the most famous person on four continents. Here´s the unique story about the rise and fall of Tiny Tim – in his own words. With the help of Tiny´s sensational diaries, and interviews with family and friends, we´ll get an intimate behind the scenes-look at one of the most spectacular careers in showbiz, ever.

November 1996: Tiny Tim collapses on stage in Minneapolis, when singing his hit “Tiptoe through the tulips”. His third wife, Miss Sue, holds him in her arms when his heart stops. This is where our story begins. Tiny´s life flashes before his, and our, eyes, with the help of his unique diaries, many TV-performances, and interviews with family, friends, and colleagues. The story moves freely in time, both before and after the golden years 1968-1970, towards the climax of the film: the short period in time when Tiny Tim was on the top of the world.

Director: Johann von Sidow
Length: feature film
Delivery Date: May 2017
Status: pre production, funding. Partners are DR Sales, SVT and Bond/360 for US and Canada



Grandmaster Flash

"The Science Of…" highlights the personal stories, inventions and innovative techniques of musical icons who paved the way for new genres and changed music forever. Executive Produced by Grandmaster Flash and launching with his own episode about how he revolutionized hip hop, the series will expand to chronicle the pioneers of rock, blues, jazz, EDM, and more. The narrative of each musical genre will be told by seamlessly weaving together intimate interviews of the top musical artists of past and present, skill demonstrations, and live performances.

Executive Produced by Grandmaster Flash also behind the forthcoming Netflix series "The Get Down".

Producer: Grand Master Flash, Dani Faith Leonard, Alex Cirillo
Length: 60 minutes x 5 episodes
Delivery Date: January 2017
Status: pre production, funding. A Bond/360 production in association with Big Vision Empty Wallet



Beach Boys

The Beach Boys – Fun, Fun, Fun? will look at the crucial months of 1964 to tell the story of a band struggling to cope with the arrival of The Beatles, just beginning to develop beyond the style that had made them famous, and starting out on a road that led to Good Vibrations, Pet Sounds, and the personal crises of their creative genius.

Length: Full Feature
Delivery Date: TBD
Status: in production. A Bond/360 production in association with Stanza Media




Intern Chef

Swedish Michelin-starred chef Niklas Ekstedt sets out to work in the kitchens of some of the top chefs in the world, to learn their secrets and pick up inspiration. His goal is to compose and cook a meal that hopefully will make it all the way into the restaurants menu. And he has got only five days to succeed...

Length: 30 minutes x 5 episodes
Genre: Unscripted Drama
Worldwide rights available.
BOND/360 in association with SVT

To watch First Episode, click here and use ticket 360 when prompted. 


I Am Going To Make You Love Me

I'm Going to Make You Love Me is an unprecedented look at a man who became a woman and then a man again. It is framed in it most tragi-comedic ways between two weddings, and over the span of one day. We also speak with those who journeyed along with Brian and Tish, Jim and David, and thus illustrate two decades in the street history of NYC. Interviewees include pop culture columnist and blogger, Michael Musto,  and possibly, fashion photographer and friend, Steven Klein - art photographer, Amy Cappellazzo of Southeby's, Nan Goldin and more.  

A Bond/360 co-production. Status: fundraising. A feature-length film.