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January 2017

BOND/ 360 Acquires Critically Acclaimed KARL MARX CITY BOND/ 360 Acquires critical favorite KARL MARX CITY, directed by Petra Epperlein and Michael Tucker.

December 2016

NOTES ON BLINDNESS wins "Best Documentary" NOTES ON BLINDNESS won best documentary at BIFA.

November 2016

Experience Blindness Through VR The New York Times writes a heart-felt, highly personal account of what it means to suffer from vision impairment. The NOTES ON BLINDNESS VR project, simulates this experience.
New York Times Honors NOTES ON BLINDNESS The New York Times calls NOTES ON BLINDNESS "magnificent." Click further to read the rave review.
BOND/ 360 ACQUIRES STRIKE A POSE BOND/ 360 has acquired the rights for the festival darling STRIKE A POSE

October 2016

BOND/360 Acquires THE SETTLERS BOND/ 360 has acquired the rights for the acclaimed Sundance documentary, THE SETTLERS

September 2016

BOND/360 Acquires I AM THE AMBASSADOR BOND/ 360 has acquired the rights for the megahit Danish TV series I AM THE AMBASSADOR
BOND/360 Acquires 'NOTES ON BLINDNESS' BOND has acquired the visceral and beautiful documentary, "Notes on Blindness" Directed by Peter Middleton and James Spinney.

August 2016

'AN ART THAT NATURE MAKES' Dazzles Critics A.O. Scott raves in the New York Times that Molly Bernstein’s An Art That Nature Makes portrait of photographer Rosamond Purcell is “illuminating” and that she is “…our greatest living seventeenth century photographer.”

June 2016

BOND/360 ACQUIRES ‘AN ART THAT NATURE MAKES’ FOR WORLDWIDE RELEASE WITH ACCOMPANYING ART EXHIBIT BOND/360 Acquires An Art That Nature Makes for Worldwide Release with Accompanying Art Exhibit

May 2016

HOT DOCS: BOND/360 ENTERS INTO CO-PRODUCTION PARTNERSHIP WITH DR SALES BOND/360 announced today its partnership with DR SALES to co- fund select documentaries

April 2016

BOND/360 ACQUIRES WORLDWIDE RIGHTS FOR ‘8-BIT GENERATION: THE COMMODORE WARS BOND Press announces the new acqusition of 8-Bit Generation: The Commodore Wars
Sound of Redemption New York-based distributor Bond 360 has taken the worldwide rights to the documentary Sound of Redemption: The Frank Morgan Story.

March 2016

Yarn New York based distributor Bond Strategy and Influence acquires Yarn ahead of SXSW South by Southwest premier.