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BERLIN, February 16, 2017 – BOND/360 announced today it has acquired the exclusive US and Canadian rights to Chang-Yong Moon’s BECOMING WHO I WAS. BOND/360 will premiere the documentary in New York City in the fall followed by a nationwide release on Bonds new Karma Cinema label, followed by a digital, educational and DVD release later in the year.  
The film follows Padma Angdu, who is no ordinary boy. Indeed, in a past life he was a venerated Buddhist master. His village already treats him like a saint as a result. The village doctor, who has taken the boy under his wing, prepares him to be able to pass on his wisdom. Alas, Tibet, Angdu’s former homeland and the center of his faith, lies far away from his current home in the highlands of Northern India. On top of that, the conflict between China and Tibet makes the prospect of a trip there even more daunting. Undeterred by these harsh facts, the duo set off for their destination on foot, accompanied by questions of friendship and the nature of life. With its serene narrative approach, this documentary film, composed over a period of eight years, is ultimately a story of unconditional love between a young boy and his guardian.  
The deal was negotiated by Elizabeth Sheldon, COO of BOND/360 and Co-director and Producer, Jin Jeon of Prosum, based in Seoul. “BECOMING WHO I WAS is a charming film that synthesizes both a coming of age story, a road trip and a love story between a young master and his guardian,” says Elizabeth Sheldon. “The film will captivate audiences both young and old around the world.”  
“We trust that Elizabeth Sheldon and her team will be able to take this film to new heights. We’re excited to be able to share this heartwarming story from Asia, to the audiences in North America,” says Jin Jeon.  
About BOND/360: BOND/360, a division of BOND Strategy & Influence, is a distribution company from the marketing team behind such breakthrough films as Exit Through the Gift Shop, Senna, The Imposter and Particle Fever. Founded by Marc Schiller, the company draws on its extensive experience to bring award-winning films to diverse audiences across disparate platforms. Recent releases include Notes on Blindness, Strike A Pose, and The Settlers.

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