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NEW YORK, June 7, 2016 – BOND/360 announced today it has acquired the exclusive worldwide rights to AN ART THAT NATURE MAKES, an artful documentary charting the career of celebrated photographer of natural and found objects, Rosamond Purcell. Imbuing found objects with her artistry, Purcell’s photos show an oft hidden beauty, now captured in the acclaimed documentary by filmmaker Molly Bernstein (Deceptive Practice: The Mysteries and Mentors of Ricky Jay). BOND/360 will release the documentary in theaters commencing August and September 2016, beginning with a week-long opening at NYC’s Film Forum on August 10 followed by the Laemmle Monica Film Center on September 2, which will include an exhibit of select photographs from Purcell’s oeuvre.

Finding unexpected beauty in the overlooked, discarded and decayed, Boston-based photographer Rosamond Purcell has developed a body of work that has garnered international acclaim, fruitful collaborations with writers such as Stephen Jay Gould and admirers like Errol Morris. AN ART THAT NATURE MAKES details Purcell’s fascination with the natural world – from a mastodon tooth to a hydrocephalic skull – offering insight into her unique way of recontextualizing objects both ordinary and strange into sometimes disturbing but always breathtaking visual studies.  

Accompanying the film’s release is a full photo exhibit featuring Purcell’s work. Long admired by documentary filmmaker Errol Morris who has celebrated her ability to reveal “the hidden history of the world,” the collection of photos toasts to decades of Purcell’s work. From her collaboration with scientist Stephen Jay Gould, to her work with National Geographic, her stunning imagery of natural (bones, feathers, leaves, fossils) and found (distressed books, industrial scrap, cast-off objects of all stripes) objects depict the beauty of our decaying world.  

"I am thrilled that BOND/360 is distributing An Art That Nature Makes,” says director Molly Bernstein. "With their passion for collaborating on films about artists and emphasis on innovative cross-format strategies, they are the perfect fit to bring our story and Rosamond’s work to audiences everywhere.”  

“An Art That Nature Makes brings to life Rosamond’s neo-baroque still lifes. Molly’s film captures the nuances and details of her work by revealing the artist’s gaze and sharing on screen what she sees,” says BOND’s COO Elizabeth Sheldon. “We are honored to work with Molly and Rosamond to bring not only the film, but Rosamond’s physical works to an international audience."  

Elizabeth Sheldon, COO of BOND/360 negotiated the deal with Executive Producer Philip Dolin and Producer Alan Edelstein of Particle Productions. The documentary first premiered at DOC NYC. Following the theatrical run at NYC’s Film Forum the movie and accompanying exhibit will expand internationally with a targeted outreach to museums to feature both the film and her work. The broadcast, digital and home video release is slated for 2017.    


About BOND/360: BOND/360, a division of BOND Strategy & Influence Services, is a distribution company from the marketing team behind such breakthrough films as Exit Through the Gift Shop, Senna, The Imposter and Particle Fever. Founded by Marc Schiller, the company draws on its extensive experience to provide filmmakers with innovative distribution models, marketing, public relations, financing, and strategic consultation in order to successfully release films and merchandise directly to audiences. Recent films include Deep Web, (Dis)Honesty – The Truth About Lies, Advanced Style and Yarn.  


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