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NEW YORK, May 3, 2016 – BOND/360 announced today its partnership with DR SALES to co- fund select documentaries and represent rights for the worldwide market. The companies are initiating their partnership with the co-productions of Tiny Tim: An American Idol, and The Michelin Film – Reaching for the Stars. Under the partnership, BOND will be representing rights in the US and Canada and DR SALES will fund the projects via Europe and the rest of world. The partnership was negotiated between Elizabeth Sheldon, COO of Bond Strategy & Influence, and Kim Christiansen, head of DR Sales.

(Photo: Adriano Trapani)

Their first co-production is Tiny Tim: An American Idol, which will explore the life and career of American musician Herbert Khaury, professionally known as Tiny Tim. Through the words of his widow, his diary, and those who worked with him including D.A. Pennebaker, Artie Butler, Richard Barone, Richard Perry and others, the documentary tells the story about a life of struggle; against his skeptical parents, hostile neighbors, booing audiences, and his own battle with mental illness. Armed with his trademark falsetto voice, ukulele, and partnerships with artists like Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan, Lenny Bruce, and Jimi Hendrix, Tiny’s rise to stardom as “the ultimate weirdo” and fall from grace was the quintessential fairytale turned tragedy.

Also in development is The Michelin Film – Reaching for the Stars. A first ever behind the scenes peek at how a restaurant earns a Michelin star and gives a face to the notorious culinary authority. Through Michelin’s International Director Michael Ellis we get the guide’s official views on the world of gastronomy and the storied trajectory of the guide from marketing tool for the tire manufacturer into a bible of global culinary recognition.

“The partnership with DR SALES represents an opportunity for BOND to continue its role as a leading producer of critically acclaimed docs,” states BOND COO Elizabeth Sheldon. “Tiny Tim is an icon whose life story remains an enigma - we hope this film will illuminate the private life of a musician who emerged as a symbol of the times. The Michelin Film will enlighten gourmets as to the process behind the almost cult-like procedures for being deemed of high-enough caliber to join the ranks of the truly great.”

“DR SALES's international presence is indisputable with such critically acclaimed docs as Armadillo, Pervert Park, and The Queen of Versailles,” extolled DR SALES’s Kim Christiansen. “By partnering with BOND, we encompass the international markets with a strong North American partner. This will be the first of several docs intended for the international marketplace.”

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